Internal Amp/Preamp wiring - Should my ICs match?

I popped the top off my amp recently to take look. I've been debating an upgrade to my ICs and now wonder if it will make a difference. Here's my dilemma. Based on the wire's series/model name, I determined the wiring from the inputs to the board were a step down from the wires leading from the board to the speaker jacks. Ironically, my current ICs are from the same manufacturer as the wire used from inputs to the board and my speaker wire is the same wire as that used from the board to the speaker jack. I wanted to upgrade my ICs to next level but don't know if it will matter. Will the weakest link in the chain ...err wire be the best I can get?
The weakest link in the chain may in fact not be the best you can get. It seems logical but in the end it really doesn't matter.

I certainly can't explain it, but sometimes just one superior pair of ics can make fantastic sonic improvements.