Intermittent Static pops in one channel

When playing vinyl, a new recent thing has developed over the last month. I've noticed that I've been getting an increasing number of static pops only in the left channel. Almost never seems to cone from right channel. This really iisn't distortion (too much anti-skate), but frequent static like pops and clicks.

Cleaned stylus, using anti-static brush, and washing records hasn't really helped. Rechecked stylus alignment and azimuth to no effect. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Check all of your connections. First, try unplugging and plugging the interconnects back in, with everything off. Then wiggle them (IC's), while playing at low volumes to see if there's a bad connection, but *don't* unplug anything while on, or playing. If that doesn't help, switch the left and right interconnect at the arm/table. This will tell you if it's in the arm/table. If the static moves to the right channel after swapping the IC's at the arm/table, the problem is in the cartridge or arm area. If the static stays in the left channel with the left and right cables reversed at the table, it's in the phono stage, or downstream toward preamp, or further.
I notice you have the XV1s cartridge. I had the same problem with mine a couple of years ago. (no longer have) I was told that this was happening because of too low humidity in the room, but as I remember, I never figured it out. I had a SOTA Cosmos table with SME arm. I think I finally minimized the problem by trying different grounding schemes, but the problem never totally went away. Good luck.
Thanks for the responses. I re-seated all the interconnects from turntable to phono pre to preamp to amp. Seems to have taken care of the issue for now. Crossing my fingers its not the XV1s. I love that cart!!
Sounds good. I hope it stays that way.
Ugh, now back in both channels with a vengeance, with L > R and seemingly higher noise floor regardless of cart loading. Well, here goes - phono pre, junction box, tonearm, or cart. The investigation starts this week. Ugh....
As they say in Ft Gordon your in a world oh hurt.
Another possibility is a capacitor problem somewhere in the chain. Dont know how old your components are but as they age the capacitors go bad and can discharge during loud passages, giving you a loud pop or crack, Usually though this is a problem only if you have any component thats 15 to 20 years old. IF thats the problem it can only be fixed by replacing the offending capacitors.
Good thought Mitch. My Cadence is around 8 years old. Play CD's through the preamp are great - no noise or static. Its got to be phono pre - junction box - or cart I bet. Don't see how it can be tonearm. Never manipulated it and the attachments to the cart look and feel solid.