Interior photo of Magnum Dynalab FT-101 or Etude

To any owners of the Magnum Dynalab FT-101 or Etude - could you kindly take a photo of the interior for me? Specifically, here's what I'm looking for; there is a circuit board that is mounted vertically, in the center of the unit, towards the rear of the chassis. On the back side of this vertical board, there is a single yellow wire. I need to find out where is this wire supposed to go? Mine has become detached and I'm not sure where it should go. Huge thanks to anyone who can help. I'll gladly provide a photo of what I'm talking about in case my description was unclear. Thanks!!
I will try my best this weekend to take a pic for you.
Why don't you just call Magnum Dynalab in canada 1-800-551-4130 and they by experience will tell you exactly where that wire is supposed to go. Also you should know that not all Etudes carry the same circuit boards. The boards change with the times so your Etude may be different inside than somebody elses Etude.Call Magnum . It's your best bet without doubt.