intergrated tubed amp under 2000

looking for intergrated tube amp under 2000 for system in my office. main music listed to classical. thanks mike

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I use the Cary SLI-50. For two reasons. First, it sounds amazing and is all tube, giving it a wonderful sense of ease. Second, it looks sooooo cool. The top is open showing all its glory. It uses tube rectifiers which add a bit of sexiness. And you can get a remote. Also high on the sexy list is the Manley Sting Ray. I have amps here that run up to $40K but the Manley always gets noticed due to it's cooool looks, and it's unusual shape may allow you to place it somewhere more visible. One giuy who bought one for his office from us was stunned when it out-performed his EAR seperates that cost mucho dinero.