intergrated for rock and dance and blues

wife and i need a intergrated for the 2nd room 12x16ft and we have done some small research on the GON and come to a small list based on new and used prices and looks and reviews.
naim nait 5i
blue circle CS
roksan caspian
we like mainly rock and dance music and also blues and female voices and acoustic guitars,she likes to boogie and i'm a musician that listens to the mix...we both like an UNCLUTERED listining(can hear all instruments clearly)
any one here on the GON have one of these amps i have listed and did they suit the music i am listing.....also what speakers did you own?....i preffer monitors...

If I may add one more integrated to your list, audition the NAD C320BEE ($400 list) ... it is both very musical and detailed sounding and a real bargain. I have owned one very happily for two years now ... use it daily ... and have no desire to replace it. In a 12 X 16 room, the NAD's power (50 wpc) with reasonably efficient monitors should do you very well. Without knowing your budget for speakers, I would take a look at the Omega Super 3 narrow ($540 new).

From you list, the Naim and Roksan have a particularly appealing musicality to them ... I auditioned them both extensively, though I went with Musical Fidelity (got a ridiculously super price) in my main system .

Hope that I have not muddied this any for you.

Regards, Rich
Lavardin is especially noted for an "uncluttered" sound.
nait 5i
I enjoy my Blue Circle CS very much.
I have only heard the Nait5i, and liked it very much. Still, I preferred the Audio Aero Prima Hybrid. Warmer, better instrument separation, and tighter bass. I'm sorry, I've not heard the other amps on your list.
A Nait is the reference for your type of music but make sure your speakers can dance as well. I'd go with something from Neat (Petite or Mystique) I have heard good things about the BC CS also. Hope to audition some day. Another outstanding choice and probably the best bang for buck next to the BC CS is the Exposure 2010 @ $995 . It has a big bass, quick paced danceable sound and a very nice warm mid. Drums and bass lines sound very expressive.
thanx for the replies guys.....i'm using tukans at the moment,maybe i'll grade up.
Blue Circle CS. Hands down.
Best way to hear rock is with a muscle solid state amp like the BVaudio A300S. I am a dealer and can get you a demo unit for under $1500.
where are you located? got a website?
what CDP & monitors would suit the BV..for my music taste?
I second the BV audio. Just picked one up on Agon for $800.
The LFD is the best of the bunch here. When listening to the Neat Elite SE's and it was just a wonderful, toe-tapping experience. I'm sure that amp would match well with many of the Neat Acoustics speakers available (Petite, Mystique, Elite)

If I had to do it again, the LFD would be my amp. (for your reference, I own a Unison Research Unico).