Intergrated Amps. Krell or Plinius

Hi all,

Looking for a quality amp. to match a Dynaudio 1.3SE.

Have my list down to these two, a Krell 400XI or a Plinius 9200 I listen mainly to acoustic rock.

Any thought's ?
Fatigue will set in with the Krell. It is powerful but somewhat bright. The Plinius is a good amp but will also be a fatigue unit but not as quickly. The Mcintosh 6900 or 6850 would be more natural sounding and non-fatigue unit.
Just my two cents.
Then again there's the Simaudio, said to mate very well with the Dynaudio line. Try an used I5.
I owned a Krell 300i; haven't heard the 400. The lower-end Krell stuff is just not that musical, IMO. It's almost a no-brainer between a Plinius, & a Krell integrated.........the Plinius integrateds are very highly regarded.
FWIW, I own a YBA Passion Integre and, for my money/tympanics, was the one I preferred over the ones mentioned, plus the ML and, would you believe?, the JRDG Concentra II. I could have lived very easily with the Concentra, but the Passion had just that: Passion. peace, warren
For what it is worth, I had a Plinius 8200 that I traded in to get a Krell 400. While I know some will be incredulous, the Krell was infinitely better, both in sound, and in features. I think the 400 is a big step up in musicality from the 300, and I have never really bought into the Plinius fanaticism. BTW, I use them with Totem speakers. Good luck.
Hi. Is your's the 8200mk1 or mk2? I have a 8200mk1 and heard the Krell 400 with my speaker, a Magneplanar 1.6. Yes, the 400 is better is ALL aspect except that the high is clearly rolled off.