Intergrated Amp For Tannoy Turnberry GR

Looking for a suitable amp for Turnberry GR , SS or Tube, preferred  used under $4,000 , any suggestion?
The Luxman 550 is great with these speakers.  It is class 'A' so it runs hot.  Do not be put out by the class 'A' power output (20 w/Ch).  I had the AX version driving Turnberry SE's.  If you don't like the heat, the 505 or the 507 may fit the bill.  The Luxmans have excellent high's that I have found hard to beat, are very detailed while remaining neutral to warmish, good bass and timing.  There is a model a ii on Audiogon currently - they often come up for good prices used.  The Primaluna integrateds are also very nice with Tannoy, although I preferred the additional amount of detail that you get when you use their separates.  If you got Primaluna, the 40 w/ch amps should be all you needed with the Tannoys.