Interesting way to wire speakers…???

Hello all,

So I have recently been reviewing the age old argument of single wiring your speakers vs. bi-wiring and/or removing the bridge plate between the binding posts and connecting them with jumper cables matching your speaker cable.

Something occurred to me last night about another way to wire up your speakers….


Would you consider this to be ‘bi-wiring’ or single?
Good idea or bad idea?
Pluses and minuses to wiring this way?

I haven’t tested it out yet, and wanted to gather some opinions before actually amping them up this way.

"Audiophile silver?" What do they mix with the silver, to make that? All pure silver will eventually tarnish(a layer of silver sulfide), unless plated with another metal. Soldering the exposed conductors will defeat your purposes, as most fine solders are composed of over 60% tin, which isn't as good a conductor as copper(copper's six times better).