Interesting vintage find

I went to someone's house this week, and this is what I saw in the living room-

Apogee Scintilla speakers
Krell KSA-100 amp
Krell KRS-1A 4 chassis dual mono preamp
Mac MR80 Tuner
Sota Stat Sapphire turntable, with SME IV arm and VdH Cartridge (I think "The One")
Kenwood CD Player

All worked, and I felt like I was in a 1985 state of the art listening room
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If it is set up correctly and working properly it will still be hard to beat today.
That's a good combo, just the wrong decade. Time warp! You forgot to mention how it sounded. Probably very good.
I am sure your friend is wealthier for not having to chase the 'cartridge and system of the day'. See, great sound can be found and stayed with.
The Apogee and Krell combo is still a world class combo today, as long as the speakers haven;t developed the dreaded Apogee buzz (from deteriorating felt on the ribbons). Nothing wrong with a SOTA turntable, SME arm or VDH cartridge. If these are set up properly in the room then I am sure it sounded damn fine!
A well matched system from back then in good working order can easily compete still today. The digital source (CD player) is probably the part where technology has advanced the most since 1985. I would be looking to compare something newer though not necessarily much if any more expensive today as a possible upgrade.