Interesting Video from Upscale Audio

I believe you will enjoy this video.
A deaf man listens to music via a Mylar/helium filled balloon thru his fingertips!!

(I was not aware that Art Dudley had passed away.)
At the end of the day.....enjoy the music!!
It's really interesting, but I can't help feeling that Art's beloved Valencias could have found a more appropriate home.
Legally deaf, yet he can hear differences between cables and things- apparently better than a number of audiophiles.

Another strike against poor defenseless "audiophiles". One more and they’re out!!! Who will take their place? Cockroaches perhaps?  Survival of the fittest.....
Interesting video for sure.
I've picked up a few from Art's collection being sold on the open market from the big auction site, my fave being JD Crowe & TNS ‎"My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame"
It was actually Erik Owen at Gig Harbor Audio (not Upscale) that was instrumental in making the video.  He bought Art Dudley's Altec Lansing Flamenco speakers, planning to keep them, and ended up selling them to the gentleman in the video at cost.  You can read the story here:

Thanks for the link Big_Greg!  Always good to know the 'rest of the story'.