I only learned of his departure when I was hanging out at Audio Den here in beautiful downtown Lake Grove - a town with neither a lake nor a grove to lay claim to. 

I've had a few Peachtree products all of which I purchased from the Den or Stereo Exchange in NYC. (IDac, 220se, Decco, and both generations of the Deepblue which I use outdoors.) I can't say if the founder was still there when I purchased these, but I've found their products to be uniformly excellent in respect to quality and value. Their customer service is over the top great - other companies could benefit from emulating their's. 

Stereo Exchange, too - David & company have treated me well over the years, the Elf was my first introduction to Peachtree with the Decco. While I don't have any Peachtree now other than the Deepblues, the brand remains in my playhouse because of their earned reputation. 

This is good news, thanks!