Interesting new music

I just received a new lp (EP) by a new artist (to me). Petite Noir "The King Of Anxiety". FWIW, I find it to be involving as far as the music is concerned. He seems to be very talented. The vocal style reminds me of Tears For Fears/George Michael. For a modern record, I find this/artist to be an enjoyable listen.
Currently blowing my mind with his stuff, which is vast.
Referring to Aidan Baker.

Suggestion: put artist name in subject line.
Scott-w: the reason I didn't put artist name in subject line was purposeful. In hopes, others searching for different artists may click on to see what others may find interesting and add to it. By putting just one artist on, that limits the purpose of the thread IMO. Just my two cents.. that end... an artist I just found, Steve Gunn. This lp "Way Out Weather" is excellent!

It does a soul good to "search out" stuff, instead of having it handed to you.