Interesting Music Discoverys

Since getting into home audio and SQ I have tried to expand my musical tastes here are some recent discoverys i've found that I may have never listened to. Please share any new finds you may have or thoughts about the CD's I listed.

Maceo Parker- Roots Revisited
Norris Turney- Big Sweet & Blue Mapleshade
Apocalptica- Plays Metallica By Four Chellos
The New York Rock & Soul Review- Live At The Beacon
Les Claypool's Frog Brigade- Live Frogs Set Two/Pink Floyd Animals
Rich VS. Roach- Buddy Rich&Max Roach
Clifford Jordan Quartet- Live At Ethlell's Mapleshade
The Peter Mallick Group Featuring Norah Jones- New York City
The Hoops McCann Band- Plays The Music Of Steely Dan
Jason Miles- Miles To Miles
The Kennedy Experience- The Music Of Jimmy Hendrix
Here's a few that i have enjoyed this year.
Most I'm sure wouldn't get played on commercial radio, if that is what you call interesting.
*Bettye LaVette. I've got my own hell to raise.
*Antony and the Johnsons. I am a bird now.
*Nick Cave. Abattoir blues/The Lyre of Orpheus.
*Sleater-Kinney. The woods.
*Michelle Shocked. Got no strings/Don't ask don't tell.
*Ry Cooder. Chavez Ravine.
*Ali Farka Touere. In the heart of the moon.
*Alvin Youngblood Hart. Motivational speaker.
*Spoon. Gimme Fiction.
*Mia Dyson. Parking lots.
Cheers Rob.
I love listening to the soundtrack to The Living Sea by Sting. The music itself is excellent and the soundstaging and instrumentation is great for showing off your system.