Interesting Music Discoverys

Since getting into home audio and SQ I have tried to expand my musical tastes here are some recent discoverys i've found that I may have never listened to. Please share any new finds you may have or thoughts about the CD's I listed.

Maceo Parker- Roots Revisited
Norris Turney- Big Sweet & Blue Mapleshade
Apocalptica- Plays Metallica By Four Chellos
The New York Rock & Soul Review- Live At The Beacon
Les Claypool's Frog Brigade- Live Frogs Set Two/Pink Floyd Animals
Rich VS. Roach- Buddy Rich&Max Roach
Clifford Jordan Quartet- Live At Ethlell's Mapleshade
The Peter Mallick Group Featuring Norah Jones- New York City
The Hoops McCann Band- Plays The Music Of Steely Dan
Jason Miles- Miles To Miles
The Kennedy Experience- The Music Of Jimmy Hendrix
Here's a few that i have enjoyed this year.
Most I'm sure wouldn't get played on commercial radio, if that is what you call interesting.
*Bettye LaVette. I've got my own hell to raise.
*Antony and the Johnsons. I am a bird now.
*Nick Cave. Abattoir blues/The Lyre of Orpheus.
*Sleater-Kinney. The woods.
*Michelle Shocked. Got no strings/Don't ask don't tell.
*Ry Cooder. Chavez Ravine.
*Ali Farka Touere. In the heart of the moon.
*Alvin Youngblood Hart. Motivational speaker.
*Spoon. Gimme Fiction.
*Mia Dyson. Parking lots.
Cheers Rob.
I love listening to the soundtrack to The Living Sea by Sting. The music itself is excellent and the soundstaging and instrumentation is great for showing off your system.
The Divine Comedy by Milla Jovovich. Exquisitely quirky. 
Endless Boogie  "Focus Level".

I bought this dbl lp years ago because it just struck me in all the right places.. the band's name, the lp's name,  the cover art....etc,,,

Just pulled it out and put it through a US clean..

Turn it up!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Haden - The Montreal Tapes 
Charlie Hunter - Everbody has a Plan Until they Get Hit in The Mouth
Ginger Baker - Coward of the County
Dave Brubeck - Live at Carnegie Hall
Ray Brown & Laurindo Almieda - Moonlight Serenade
Duke Ellington - Such Sweet Thunder

@blblues68 - You should listen to The JB Horns - Funky Good Time/Live 1993 - Maceo Parker puts in work.
Ron Dziubla - Nasty Habit

Canteca de Macao - Cachai