Interesting Magico news

They are now using a 'polymer' sub-enclosure in their S5 MK 11 - for the 'critical' midrange
driver no less. 
Isn't this similar to what Wilson Audio has been using for years?

Can you say more about the damping mats you mention in your previous post? Do you know either their composition or their source?

(So Magico use 5-layer damping mats to prevent any audible ’excitement’ from the cabinet.)

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@cdk84, Magico were using Black Hole 5 or a similar product for the S5 Mk1. Here is a pic of the damping mats applied to an S5 -

I don’t know specifically which product they’re using for the S5 Mk2 as there hasn’t been any internal photos of an S5 Mk2 in the factory posted yet to my knowledge.
keithtexas100 posts02-18-2017 9:43am

I think it’s just a plastic dish of a specific size, which is likely filled with some damping material (of celestial origins no doubt). Here is a video of the S3; discussion (and picture) of the polymer housing for the midrange is at about 9:45 mark.

As stated above, many manufacturers isolate the midrange in a closed/damped housing or chamber.

Keith, the shape of the enclosure is first designed using SOTA Finite Element analysis modelling tools, then then ultimately formed using a proprietary polymer material.

You're right, most high end manufacturers isolate the midrange driver using either an isolated module (like Wilson) or midrange enclosure. Magico were using a midrange enclosure for the S5 Mk1 for example, though it was made of aluminium and had a no parallel surfaces. The S5 mk2's custom polymer enclosure takes it a step further and has much lower harmonic distortion.

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Thanks melbguy. I looked at the graph and comments.
They claim " The unique shape and carefully chosen materials, when combined, create the ultimate "sound pressure absorption device.".
I can't help comparing it to B&W's very simple 'tapered tube';which they claim
" Nautilus tubes taper to make the sound from the rear of each driver disappear."
I can't understand a containment device being a sound pressure "absorption" device,except in a very limited fashion - compared to B&W simple system, using the horn principle in reverse.