Interesting information from Analog Planet on Stylus Cleaner Onzow Zero Dust.

Here is the link, judge for yourself. 
No residue on my stylus but I binned my onzow anyway 



Ha Ha, I remember the old poster size sheet printed with green ink that used to come with Rega turntables contained the following line "any dust that accumulates on the stylus can be easily blown off". I never went for ultra expensive cartridges, but could see this item being of particular concern to anyone who now will be anxious that their $Xk cartridge is somehow compromised. There is one thing, did anyone using said product notice anything horribly wrong prior to Fremer's post? 

Depending on who you listen to there is something potentially wrong with nearly any of them (liquid ones, magic eraser, blutak, onzow). 


Has anyone looked into or considered nano tape?  I’ve put some on glass, and can’t detect any reissue after pulling it off.  But it’s so strong it’s a bit scary.