Interesting film, "The Distortion of Sound."

This a fine film on the current state of recorded music.
Thanks for the heads up on this film. So true it is. Most of the artists interviewed describe the loss of emotional content with the low fi recordings. I guess when we listen to systems we should be listening for emotion.
I think the loss of emotional content is more a function of the quality of the modern popular music art form than anything else. Even the old 78s were able to convey the emotional content of Caruso singing Verdi without problem. The tools are only the ends to the means but not the means themselves.

As Pete Townshend said, "Rock is Dead, Long Live Rock."
I for one, was actually quite surprised, that there were artists as diverse as Snoop, who really understand what has happened to music via compression on many streaming sites. Could it be that at long last the pendulum of quality of music is swinging back into a reasonable balance. Imagine a country that starts to care about sound quality , again at least for a goodly portion of the population.

The video spells out the death of music. I couldn't agree more. I would think that companies like Sony would promote events like the Rocky Mountain Audio FestÂ…have big booths and sell hi quality CD's. I guess that is not were the profit is. Profit is much more important then people.

" We could have saved the world but we were to cheap" Kurt Vonnegut.
I don't know. If so many artists care about sound quality and too much compression it would be nice if it showed in their own recordings. My take is recorded music seems to have lost it's value for most people. They no longer think it's something that they should have to pay for, or at least very much.
Did anyone actually go through the whole movie?
From the moment I turned that on, I thought I'd be a hero to go through the whole thing but had to stop it on first 5min.