Interesting Dead Wax Inscriptions and more....

I�ve long thought LP dead wax inscription adds another dimension to the medium. So this threads is dedicated to interesting (interpret this as broadly as you like) inscriptions as well as any comments/histories/anecdotes. My contribution:

Eagles �One of These Nights� Asylum

Side A: "DON�T WORRY - - -"
Side B: "NOTHING WILL BE OK - - -"
Actually if you do a search -- this has been brought previously on this exact album. Infact, there are several different side a/b words written. Bottom line, not uncommon to see something cryptic written in the dead wax areas of not only older albums, but newer ones as well.
I have seen them from time to time, but never really paid much attention. Now... I will be reading my albums before I play them. I will let you know if I come across anything interesting.