Interesting comments on noise regarding LIGO,

both thermal and shot noise. And the near vacuum state required for the project.
This knowledge increase will apparently increase the electronics and cables we discuss. 
I have brought up LIGO, the project to detect and observe gravity waves, a number of times mostly in connection with seismic vibration isolation, which is a problem that required a great many years to solve to be able to make the experiment sensitive enough to observe gravity waves which have amplitudes on the order of the diameter of an atom. By the way, LIGO detected its first gravity wave last year. You can follow the LIGO discussions on the thread titled something like, Do equipment stands affect the audio signal?" Started by Agear the OP some months back.

Thanks geoffgait. Interesting. I didn't think to look for a post on it. I had looked at the stand post. I found the question such a no brainer I lost interest. I thought the extraordinary efforts within the LIGO research relevant and interesting.