Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....

 I’ve heard quite a few audiophile speakers that used expensive drivers in ways that...well, didn’t suit my taste. Quite a few speakers using Focal tweeters made me feel like that guy in the movie Seven Beauties who went to “better  @@%%@!. Say what you want about Bose but a Bose speaker never made me want to leave the room.

Like everything in a category bows serves a niche audience. Do they sound great no. Can they sound good yes. I have owned two pair of 301’s, a pair of 691’s, and 901’s. Currently using 301’s in surround fronts. 901’s should go down as the best party speaker ever. Hung from the ceiling and powered by a Sansui 9090 receiver you could fill a large room with music. With the alcohol flowing the audience was rocking. I still own my 901’s they hang in my garage. One day for kicks I put them in my reference system (Vandersteen sig II) and did they sound bad. I was kinda shocked at how bad they were. I even changed them out with the 301’s and they even sounded better. I still enjoyed the 901’s back in the day and if people can get them set up right snd enjoy them so be it. Enjoy the music any way you can!

Bose makes (I should say made) nice their Wave clock radio which I have. Too bad they don't make them any more. 

IMHO when an audio manufacturer licenses their name to car companies for their audio systems, that is their announcement to the world that they couldn't care less about their reputation in high end audio any more. Then they demonstrate that with future products.

Why are we talking about Bose anyway? Does any self respecting high end audio store sell them? I seriously doubt it. None in my area do.

As I’ve said since the first of the year, The Redditing of The Audiogon forums continues. Terminal Boredom.

a sort-of "backing into it" user of bose equipment- one is a lifestyle 30, fine for movies but for music, the best that could be said about it is that it makes bad recordings sound generally listenable, just don’t try to listen to any vocal music in surround sound, the surrounds drown out the vocals. an Acoustic Wave Music System, the best that could be said about that is it gets plenty loud, but the bass is underwhelming. a wave radio, it has better bass [!] than the Acoustic wave but doesn’t play half as loudly. it is easier on the ears, however, mellower. a cinemate SR 1 soundbar that manages the neat trick of wall-to-wall sound [but no depth] and of locking instrumental positions in place no matter where one sits or stands in the room, very rare feat. mellow/neutral tone quality even with crappy recordings, never harsh. it is the closest to a "wall of sound" even if it is virtual. a bose tv speaker, does its job of improving upon the crap speakers in typical panel tv sets, surprisingly neutral tonal balance and usably full bass down to about 50 cycles, drops off like a stone below that point. amazing for its tiny size. won’t get too loud, though, best used in bedroom-sized spaces. a set of bose NC headphones, use ’em for mowing the lawn. their sound quality is mediocre at best, veiled and non-musical in general. prolly the best of them all was the cinemate SR1, overall.


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