Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....

 I’ve heard quite a few audiophile speakers that used expensive drivers in ways that...well, didn’t suit my taste. Quite a few speakers using Focal tweeters made me feel like that guy in the movie Seven Beauties who went to “better  @@%%@!. Say what you want about Bose but a Bose speaker never made me want to leave the room.

I think @erik_squires got it exactly right...

They are 100% focused on achieving sales results by crafting the cheapest possible product consumers will spend a lot of money on

I would just add that they prey on largely ignorant consumers and what they will accept as “good” sound. Then you see their crap in cars and on the football field, and there ya go. Pure marketing and deception of the American public, and it works because the real high-end manufacturers, sadly, don’t have the marketing dollars because they sink their $$$ into R&D to produce a quality product instead of marketing to produce crap that the general public now thinks is “good” audio. I give them credit for maximizing marketing, but I hate them because through that marketing they pollute and degrade the general public’s idea of what is actually good sound reproduction.  Again I say, Bose is better at cancelling sound rather than reproducing it.  

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I'm still trying to understand what your mother was thinking when she allowed you to drive at 13 years old.

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