Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....

 I’ve heard quite a few audiophile speakers that used expensive drivers in ways that...well, didn’t suit my taste. Quite a few speakers using Focal tweeters made me feel like that guy in the movie Seven Beauties who went to “better  @@%%@!. Say what you want about Bose but a Bose speaker never made me want to leave the room.

The funny thing is the Bose are not my Daily Drivers..

I just respect them still.

I always loved the 901 design. In fact I lusted after Gale 401 speakers from UK, which were similar size and sat on pedestals of sorts. Thinking about 901s speaker layout. Using the same size drivers reminds me of modern line source speakers, where the drivers barely move (although they are stacked vertically), but provide a coherent sound. MAYBE turning the 901s to face the listener, and quite possibly a new XO could turn them into something special. Anybody tried this? It would be an interesting thread