Interesting British Mag

Audiophiles should check out the U.K mag
To my mind it is an essential read and outclasses all other mags by a big margin. You can see some of their reviews online, and its very impressive. People with ears and heads, and passion to boot. (and no, Im not connected to it, just thought you might want to know) I also like the Soundstage Y files, for their honesty and insight.
Ebarker: I cannot bring up the website. Is there more to the web address?
Yes, the entire address is
Absolutely among the best you can buy at the moment.
Some of them own really interesting units ( No Loans !! ).
And they are independent ( they have jobs and write when they have time ...)
Look for their first issues, excellent.
Sometimes there are articles like this :

" Records to die F R O M "

Cruel, but fair ...
Thanks: I found the site. I don't usually do mags myself, but do like the variety of items that I see in their review section. I will forward the info to some older friends who love mags but who don't care much for the web.
Also contains good advice for passionate coffee drinkers.

I have only recently purchased my first copy of Hi>Fi+ (Issue 10) and for what it's worth, I was very impressed. The articles were well written, the reviews were complete to give you a good read on the item, in review, and yet not overly long-winded. There was no sarcasm laced through the magazine, which was printed on good quality, easy to read paper.

While the magazine is not cheap ($8.99, I think, at B & N) it was enjoyable enough that I will buy more. For me it was a refreshing change.