interesting arm recommendations (9 inch)

a friend is adding a 2nd tonearm to his system, and his table will only accommodate a 9" arm. does anyone have any interesting arm recommendations that i can pass along to him?

i know he has liked the brinkmann 12" arm, so that prompted me to check out the breuer. i see there's a breuer type 8 which is 10.5" but may work as the mounting point is 9.112" from pivot to spindle.

he's also curious about the dynavector arm.

any other interesting ideas?

price should not be an issue at this point -- these are just thoughts.

thank you in advance!
What's his first tonearm?

I'd be curious about the Dynavector and/or the Graham Phantom B-44, which are about as opposite in design philosophy as you can get.

Both of them facilitate quick cartridge swaps better than most as well.