Interested in finding info regarding a well-designed NOS D2R DAC kit

Separating the wheat from chaff regarding DIY DAC kits is, I'm finding, difficult. While I would love to just order an Audio Note kit, all their DAC kits are pretty much out of my price range.

Any good advice on offer?

Thanks, regards,
It's funny that you post this.  I was just browsing around today and discovered that Audio-GD just released a R2R DAC board for DIY purposes.  It's not terribly expensive, but it is not a complete kit and it does require some additional engineering and parts (such as usb/spdif receiver such as Amanero or other, power supply, I/V audio output stage, case).

This is my first post on these forums. I hope this is relevant!

Have a look at Soekris' OEM line, particularly the 1941 series:
It does not specifiy NOS, so I am unsure about this. Also, it is not a "full kit"--you will have to source some components and a case, etc. These modules are used in a few commercial DACs.