interested in exploring classical

Can anyone direct me in the right direction? I want to start exploring classical music and not sure where to start. My playback is CD. Is there a high quality company that is better? New to Audiogon and any help I would be grateful for
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Check out this earlier thread on the same topic.

Happy listening
The radio station recommnedation is a great one. If not mentioned WFMT in Chicago has to be one of the finest and they offer streaming capability. Also 24X7 with announcer only commercials.
thank you everone for you posts so far. i can't wait to get started!!!
as your playback is cd you cant really go wrong .paying too much for the wrong vinyl pressingswill not be an a copy of the classical good cd and dvd guide and you cannot go not forget cd reissues in mono from companies such as naxos when virtuosos were really superstars and not puppets of commercialism,and when top orchestras numbered 150 top players and not 20!
Internet radio is the way to go to listen a wide variety of classical music ........ Either directly through your computer or if you have a wireless network stream it to your main system with an airport express (simple and cheap) ..... I love classical music and this is what I do ... It is a great way to go...