Interest in Joule Electra VZN220 amps?

I have a friend with a pair of "Rite of Passage" VZN 220 OTL amplifiers he needs to sell.They are built with "musicwood" and have matching Variacs for slow turn-on. I have no idea what price these would sell for. Does anyone have experience selling or buying these?

Using the Audiogon bluebook as a guide, the VZN220 musicwoods used avg. is $17,020.

Have you been in the room when these amps are running? They throw off a ton of heat and will raise the temps in your room significantly. Unless you are using them in a very large room or have a world class AC system this is definitely something to consider.

I would also consider the costs when and if they need to be repaired as they are basically hand made and would be hard for anyone but Joule to repair them.

My personal experience with repair at Joule has not been very good, but I am sure that others may disagree. At any rate, repair is expensive and not a speedy process.

Just my two cents!
I used to own VZN 160s, the model directly below the 220s, and they were always reliable. Unlike some other OTL amplifiers, daily use of the ruggedly built 160s gave me a sense of confidence that they would not cause problems.

Although my amps never required servicing I wanted Joule to thoroughly check them over prior to my selling them. In lieu of sending them to the east coast, Jud recommended I use Mark Gilmore located in Southern Cal for this service, or for any other work on my Joule amps. I was very pleased with Mark’s work & knowledge of these OTLs. Mark is a well known industry person, e.g., the designer of the Gilmore speakers and amplifiers. I don't know if Mark still does repairs. If so, he would be another avenue for service should service ever be required.

Additionally, I’d expect that Nick Gowan, owner of True Sound in Campbell, CA could perform repairs on Joule-Electra gear. Nick worked on some non-Joule-Electra OTLs I owned; his skills at audio repairs are well known and he is a class act.

In dealing with many audio vendors for support of their products, some vendors were good, some terrible, some fabulous. My experience with Joule was in the fabulous category. They were always responsive, responsible, and very accommodating.

Regarding the 220 amps you mentioned. My 160’s had the matching variacs which was an optional enhancement that increased the purchase price. Standard models came with a single variac that adjusted both amplifiers. Thus the 220s in question may have a little more value than standard 220s.
If you look at Joule-Electra web site, you will see that now they have a special service department to deal with repairs. In addition, number of places do excellent repair J-E products - for example, Bob Backert of RHB Sound in Philadelphia, Steve Huntley in Minnessota and many others.
The Rites have always each come with a separate variac built into the chassis. The musicwood is an upgrade however. I own serial numbers 001 of these fabulous amps. I bought them used from Jud 7 or 8 years ago and they have been stone reliable and always completely satisfying. There aren't that many pair in existence. Somebody is going to be very pleased.
Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of Joule Electra VZN-220s or VZN-350s?

Thank you.  

Contact Signature Sound, they have taken over the service work for Joule, Rich may know someone who is selling or he may have a pair in on trade.