Interest in 2-channel/stereo audio and prices here and other sites

Simply open wonderment and what I have seen/noticed.  With some of the brands I have owned and tracked, I saw the interest in 2 channel music audio fade with the multi channel video growth and now it seems prices for some classic 2 channel audio products are on the rise.  Not making any statement other than the sound of live music vs. artificial multi channel/nothing like live music.  

Have any of you bit the "surround sound" bug only to go back to two channel music? 

I had a 5.1 system, but I have gone to a 2.1 channel system on my A/V side for simplicity - the new house does not lend itself to surround sound.

BUT - I still get some amazing sound effects across the room - like dogs barking at the sides. Not as good as a n.1 system, but then I found it's more the LFE's that I really wanted - not the bullets whizzing from behind my head.

But it's not that different from 2 channel - in that a poorly engineered n.1 soundtrack just sounds really bad and gimmicky, whereas a well engineered n.1 soundtrack can sound pretty amazing.
I guess as I got older I found I was looking for quality sound and not special effects.

There are some very good DVD's, like Hell freeze over the make the most of n.1 - but I still like my vinyl version better :-)

Regards - Steve