interconnnect for tri-planer arm?

I have a Triplaner/ZYX Universe combination and am interested in possible tonearm/innerconnect possibilities.

I am very happy with how things sound now, but interesting to hear form those who have upgraded.

Are upgrades made behind the tonearm or wiring all the way back to the headshell. Not sure about what the arm/cable interface would intail

I was looking at the Morrow PH cables as a possible option

intrested in your insight


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I bought a Tri with a Din connection..I've also seem one modded this this way (Din is added right where the wire exits the base of arm...

Soldering here is kinda have to know what you're doing with those little wires...
I would strongly recommend that if you make any changes, you have it done w a single run from the cart clips, all the way to the RCA or XLR ends that plug into your phono stage.
Triplanar has a new wire for the arm FWIW. **Much** more supple than the old wire.
Hi Ralph, I have a Tri VII u2...I assume this is the most current wire ? And by supple is it also better? Thanks in advance
Audiotomb, It sounds like your particular Triplanar is one that came with the optional outboard box that presents female RCA jacks for use with your choice of IC. Correct? If so, and for minimal expenditure, I personally would remove the afferent wiring from the box, by de-soldering or just clip it. Then solder good quality wires direct to the bare ends of the remaining tonearm wire, to any termination you desire. This is if you have soldering skills or know someone who is competent to do it. The expensive solution is to do as Swampy suggests; re-wire the arm with a single set of wires that goes all the way from cartridge to phono stage. Triplanar can do that for you.
Jfrech, yes, 'supple' = 'better' :)

As far as whether your wire is that version, I don't know, but I do know that this is something fairly new for them.

The new 12" version of the Triplanar will be at THE Show in January.