Interconnects & XLR cables for Bryston Amp/Preamp

I have a Bryston 4B ST amp and BP 25 preamp. After getting great information on some ZU Wax speaker cables form the Audiogon participants, I was wondering if there are any suggestions to bring out a little more detail using interconnects and XLC cables. I have Synergistic XLR cables and various interconnects. I have a Meridian 508.24 CD player. The ZU Wax improved the detail and dramatically opened up the sound stage so I am just trying to squeeze out a little more. Any suggestions?
I'm using the same Bryston combo with Aerial 7B speakers, and I had just the opposite much detail and harshness in the upper mids. I ended up using Harmonic Technology Truth Link interconnects between my Shanling T200 CD player and the preamp, and HT Truth Link XLR's between the BP25 and the 4B ST. If you want to experiment with more neutral interconnects you could try cables from Outlaw Audio or Signal Group. They're both fairly inexpensive and outstanding values for the dollar. FYI, and not the point of this post, but I have a pair of 4 Foot Signal Cable XLR's posted in the classifieds which are now too long for my system configuration.
Don't know what your speakers are, but Meridian into Bryston into Brystom amp you should have too much detail ;-)
You could play with some Alpha Core Goertz TQ silvers,or maybe acoustic Zen Wow IC's or AZ silver reference. ZU cable is offen described as detailed, might want to try their ICs. Also, you could just play with speaker placement like more toe in or farther into the room.

Tvad, did the truthlinks help? How were the XLRs? I'm still looking for the right xlrs from pre to amp and speaker cables, but need to save the money first.

I used to have the BP-25/4B-ST combo and I didn't like silver running between them preferring good quality copper ics like Coincident Technologies and then moving onto Maple Audio Works ics.

BTW, I also used Wax in the past and be prepared for an extremely long break-in period - bout drove me nuts!!!
Nikturner920, to my ears, the Truthlinks have made a significant difference. The combo of Truthlink interconnect between CD and pre, and XLR between BP25 and 4B ST has resulted in a detailed, yet slightly warmer sound toward the high mids. It's subtle, but noticeable.
I don't like silver with my bryston either, like Tvad I had too much detail. Ruined the fun of half my cd collection! With the cables I've played with though, silver seems the way to go for hyper detail. I would make sure you can enjoy your poorly recorded favorite disks though before I would go for more detail.

Tvad, hope you got the system going in the right direction then. The turthlinks worked great from my cd to Pre. Now I'm stuck since I have a vinyl rig that tends a bit warm and don't want to over do it in that direction with the pre to amp connection. Tone controls would be a bit simpler :-(

I am going to let my ZU cables burn in and try the Truthlinks in about a month. Thanks.
I used Bryston's own balanced cable (Belden) when my set up was BP25 to 7BST monoblocks. Sounded good and neutral. Also used Tara Labs Air 2 balanced between Meridian 508.24 CD player and BP25 and this was much improved over the Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling single ended cable used previously. Air 2 is a bargain, at least for that combination.
With my BP25/7BSST setup I use all Bryston XLR interconects. It is the least expensive item in my system and I do not feel it is a weak link. The sound is not harsh or bright. I spend about 20-30 hours a week listening to tunes without any problems. My only problem is turning the system off at night.
Consider the Pure Note Epsilon XLR's. They are very detailed.