Interconnects with smooth highs 4 Manley Stingray

I am seeking for interconnects in up to $700 price range (used market). What do I actually seek is silky smooth highs/no any grain sound which I heared when auditioned set of Kimber Select KS1030 (0.5 m). Outstanding cable.

The question is there any other cable which can deliver this kind of high freq smoothness? Are Audioquest's silver line : Niagara , Sky in the same league? Maybe Nordost Frey/Heimdall touches Kimbers in this criteria? Perhaps Homegrown Silver Laces or Diva (similar construction like KS1030: two positive two negative silver conductors indivudually isolated with teflon) give similar results? Or thats the sound which only Kimber Select can be proud of?

My current (digital/tube) setup:

JMlab Focal Electra 905
Manley Stingray 25W Triode mode
Nordost Solar Wind Bi-wire
I took it from a dealer and found it very attractive.. so much midrange bloom and overall air that I think I now more like it than KS1030. I will make a dealer route in the upcoming days to take some purist audio, avid, van den hul to see how they compare.

>05-15-08: Ssglx
>Nordost Heimdall IC's in my system have very clean and >smooth highs, with a little touch of sweetness to the >harmonics. Very nice interconnect.
Kimber Select KS 1036 is awesome. The new KS series are more full bodied and dynamic. The KS 1026 and 1126 gets close to the performance of the 1036/1136 at a lower cost.