Interconnects with Eichmann bullet plugs?

Besides Eichmann, Luminous Audio and Empirical Audio, are there any other cable manufacturers who use the Eichmann bullet plugs in their interconnects?
Your information is much appreciated. Thanks.
silversmith, boulder and bogdan and bettercables that i know of.
Hi "G"
I am Robert from Ridge Street Audio Designs. We use Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs on our Midnight Silver Edition and Symphonia Master II I/Cs and the copper version on our RSA Reference MkII and Silver Soloist. We also Cryo-Temper the Eichmanns and stablize them with our I/Cs.

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Ridge Street Audio does. FYI - They are running a special on A'gon right now. I have no affiliation.

Audio Magic and Prana Wire have added the bullets to their lineup as well.
Seems like these plastic plugs are the latest craze. Don't like using a hair dryer to get them to fit. Still like a good quality metal plug like Cardas silver RCAs.
Empirical Audio and Bolder

I use all Bolder M80 IC's and their digital coax with Eichmann plugs. Never had to use any hair dryer or heating aid to get mine on. Nice and snug fitting. Just be gentle upon first installation. YMMV.

Add the Tom Evans Groove Tube interconnects to the list.
Mark Hampton at
The Eichmannplugs are also used by the New Zealand Brand 'Slinky Links'. The links are made of four leads of one threaded silver leds with an airshield (air is the best isolation availalble). I use the interlinks and the speakercables a couple of months now, and my conclusion is that this are the best cables on the market I know. Only they seem not yet to have penetrated the US and European markets, but they become very popular now in Australia and South East Asia. I ordered the cables at Totally Wired in New Zealand. Great People! Shipping to Holland went quickly; shipping costs were for free.
The thing that I like about the Eichmanns is how easy they are to work with,but I do not believe for a minute that they are the best in all cables that they are used with. Most all cables are not truely tested to see what might give the best sound I think.It would take timme and a fair amount of study in order to arrive at that finding.

I also do not think that measurements are thethe only last word in what sounds the best.

People will flock to what is said to be the best and what is the most popular though. After all the BS about Amp measusrements like THD,Damping Factors and head room it's just another one of those deals.

BTW I own Eichmanns and like them,but I still fell that they are not the last word in what might be the best for all cables.

Another area of contention is over Cryo treatments. Whould like to see more things done in this area. More Sound Test,more Cryo Process evals and cmparisions.

I use and will continue to use the process and will keep trying to nail down the bene's of it.

Thanks for reading the ramblings and hope it gives some food for thought!
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