Interconnects under $100 RCA for phono to preamp

So, chaps...Whats best??
NAD Pre amp...Scout turntable..need to economize on the peripherals right now..
Audioquest ???
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Try a used pair of Nordost Blue Heaven ic's.You can find them in the classifieds for around $100.00.If you don't like them, you shouldn't lose money on resell.
I have MIT IC for sale-10 foot pair for $150-very nice
I highly recommend the Morrow Audio MA-1 cables, $119 and right now on sale for additional 25% off using "show" in the cart promo space. These are incredibly good cables, and the sale price makes them a steal. 60 day trial to see if they work for you.
Not affiliated with them, just a very satisfied user.
Good luck!
The Anti-Cables from Speltz are always a good bet. But the cheapest deal would be to buy some connectors and make your own using very thin gauge (28AWG or higher) magnet wire from Radio Shack. You probably can get away for $50 or less if you have some soldering skills.
Thanks guys-I will look into these-I had also seen some Audioquest King Cobra etc...I have a Copperhead Audioquest from my CD player (NAD 542) to amp...
The Audio Advisor AudioQuest exclusives, the Blue Racer II ($69/pr) and the Black Mamba II ($99/pr) are just KILLER at this price. Both use single crystal copper; the Black Mamba goes one better with six nines (99.99997% pure) copper.

Great connectors (normally $40/set) and a harmonically rich, unfailingly musical sound with excellent musical perspective. AQ generally has fairly low capacitance, which is a good thing with phono connections.
Thanks! Will definitely check that out!
Technics OEM from Technics SL-1200Mk5 from Panasonic parts or Kab + Switchraft RCA from Digikey.