Interconnects & Speaker cables

Looking for a custom cable guy to get a set of long length (75') speaker cables to drive my Dynaudio C4's with BAT gear & also a pair of single female XLR to Dual male XLR Y cables. Any suggestions? I used to get some really good silver cables built by Tom at White Zombie but seems like they are no more in business, as I wrote to him and there is no response. Any suggestions & contacts would be helpful! Thanks!
Signal Cable

For the speakers cables, Clear Day Cables are silver. Check with Paul to see if they will meet your needs.
Google Crystal Clear Audio Best of Luck
75 feet! And with speakers whose impedance, as shown here, is less than 4 ohms in parts of the mid-bass which typically require lots of energy. Ouch!

You need heavy gauge/low resistance, and fairly low inductance per unit length. You also presumably need to keep the price somewhat within the range of sanity.

I would rule out Clear Day on the basis of inadequate gauge for your application, even in double-shotgun configuration. Regarding Crystal Clear, there don't appear to be technical specs at their website, and I have no particular knowledge of their cables or their prices.

OCOS is reputed to be well suited for long lengths, but I believe that 75 feet of it would cost a not so small fortune, especially in its top of the line versions.

Mofi's recommendation of Signal Cable, especially its "Silver Resolution" cable, is likely to be a fine choice IMO, based on the suitability of its specs for your application, on their very fair pricing (although, nevertheless, 75 feet of it would cost a bit more than $2K), on comments I've seen about it, and on my own positive experiences with their power cords and interconnects. And also on Mofi's history of providing excellent recommendations :-)

Hope that helps. Regards,
-- Al
You can try crystal clear audio.
JW Audio does lengths up to 100 feet. I can't vouch for their speaker cables, but I've been very impressed by their interconnects.
Do you have an integrated amp? Because if you don't ,it would be better to place amp close to speakers and run a long XLR cable and stick with short speaker runs. If that's feasible. I also like Signal Cable Silver Reference.
Thank you in deed, I have written to most you have all recommended and in the process of getting proposals. Its been very informative and truly appreciate the valuable inputs from everyone as usual!