Interconnects recommendation for passive preamp?

I am currently using a Reference Line Preeminence One A passive linestage. The manual strongly suggests the use of low impedance, low Q interconnects. Any passive users out there with suggestions? I am considering DH Labs Air Matrix which one dealer highly rcommended. I can use .5 meter pairs which should help keep the capacitance down. The problem with most cable manufacturers websites is that they don't (with very few exceptions) list the "specs" for their products. HELP!!!
I have been using Alpha Core TQ2 with my Placette passive with excellent results. Alpha Core offers a 30 day money back trial period - check them out!

Nordost cables are low capacitance and excellent sounding also.
I own a Placette passive. Take a look at Pure Note. All specs listed. Only 10 pf per .5m!
Bear Lab Silver Lightning or Granite Audio Silver #470
Nordost cables? What kind? I believe that their flat design similar to parallel connection of capacitors if the equivalent circuit of these cables will be drown. If capacitors are connected in-parallel the resulting capacitance adds up but not eliminating.
I will suggest re-terminating a professional interconnect cables(since they're usually longer than .5m). They have a great design where the ground wire is twisted and the signal wire is straght. In professional audio systems the passive components very oftenly used for the mixing and recording.
I'm using Stealth PGS with mine, expensive but great in my system, and have used Stealth silver ribbon (whatever the precise name). Both were 8' long and both worked with amps (Pass Aleph 3's used as monoblocks) with input impedance of 23K ohms, lower than ideal for use with a passive. You can send Stealth cables back for a refund if you don't want to keep them, within 30 days, I believe.