Interconnects / power supply / etc

Welcoming all & any feedback to adjustments that may be beneficial to my audio system. I’m trying to stick with what I have already, in regards to the components, but if replacements are necessary, I’m all ears. All power supplies are stock, and all the interconnects are either from Ram Power or Audioquest (all at or under $60).

Current setup:
Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated
NAD 521BEE CDP (coax to CXA80)
Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB (Denon DL-110 cart)
Project Tube Box S (with replacement Sylvania tubes 1978)
Google Chromecast Audio (optical to CXA80)
Q Acoustics 3050 (came with QED anniversary speaker cable)
Polk PSW10 subwoofer
(I play 40% vinyl, 40% computer/streaming, 20% cds.)

The room size 12ft x 12ft, and everything is stacked on a Sanus AV rack.

Would any of these benefit from an upgraded power supply? Change interconnects? I know the subwoofer is a lame duck...Sell it all and start over?


Actually, I think your system looks pretty well put together in its price range.  I might try running the CD analog outputs into the amp to see if it sounds better than the DAC in the Cambridge.  Other than that, I think your next step up would be to purchase some better speakers, not that yours look that bad.  I don't know what your taste is, but there are a lot of speakers out there in the under $2k range that may give you a more satisfying listening experience, but you would have to post more about your sonic priorities to get a realistic recommendation.  
Thank you chayro.  I will try switching the output.  Maybe i'll like the NAD's dac better.  I do really like the speakers I have already, but they're only my second pair.  Had some ELAC bookshelf before.  Any suggestion in the $800-1200 range.  That's about my budget.
Unfortunately, you have to reevaluate your budget if you want something truly better than what you have.  But you can't do this by guesswork.  You need to actually listen to other speakers to see whether you prefer them to yours.  Once you know what's out there, you can figure out whether they're worth the price to you.  
Agree re listening but I suspect the sub is a likely target for upgrades

If Hsu is still around, try two of those and call me in the morning
Thanks,  checking out the HSU site now.
Just wondering if you are using dedicated AC lines and upgraded AC outlets. Preferability two or more dedicated circut breaks and outlets.

Just wondering if you are using dedicated AC lines and upgraded AC outlets. Preferability two or more dedicated circut breaks and outlets.
Right now I'm just using a Monster power strip.  I have 5 power chords connected (all stock), and it's connected to the wall outlet.
Over the years I've learned that by using dedicated circuits, upgraded outlets and power cords you can improve the quality of your music.
If you don't have the option of running a couple of dedicated circuits, it's very possible just by using an upgraded outlet, and/or power cords, you will hear an improvement. The power cords and upgraded outlet will always work in your favor if and when you should decide to purchase additional components etc.


Thank you.  I will start looking around. 

Thank you.
I do have access to an older Belkin pure AV power console.  Must be 7 years old, not sure the model number.  Things weighs about 30lbs.  Right now I'm using it in the living room, but it only has the cable box, TV, and receiver plugged in.

Wondering if I switch out the Monster surge (audio room) & the Belkin Console.  I have more components in audio room.

Any thoughts?  
A couple of items that I'm currently watching:

Thinking of replacing the stock power chords for my VPI Traveler and Cambridge CXA80.  I haven't used Pangea products before.

As far as replacing the outlet,  PS Audio Power Port Classic looks like an inexpensive choice. 

Does anyone have any experience with either of those, or should I be looking at something different?  Not looking to spend over $400 for both power chords + outlet.


Along the lines of AC outlets I would suggest the Porter Port outlets that Albert Porter sells here on Audiogon. Over all I think it's a better outlet then the one you are thinking of. I own several of them and was very happy with them vs others that were more expensive other than the Furutech brand or several others in that high price range.
The power cords you are thinking of would most likely be an improvement, if you can swing it take a look at the Curious Technology Graphene power cords (Red).