Interconnects--power cords?

My system (Conrad Johnson and Vandersteen Quatros) --I have been running Audioquest Niagras--Purist power cables for amp and pre, Audio
Quest Comets bi wired to speakers--Audience Au 24 for CD player---recently added Audioquest Sky--find it fits best between pre and power--but something seems a bit too "airy"--an improvement on the Niagras, but while more clear, also lacking in punch and or--seems as if I cannot achieve clarity and force (?) in my sound. Soundstage is a bit too relaxed. I don't know. Suggestions? Have moved power cords around--the Audience seems to work best with the CD player--since this is all incredibly subjective---just looking for feedback that might lead me down a different and better path.
Bluesnbike1954 - do you have...

- a dedicated power line?
- quality outlets? - which ones
- are you using a power conditioner? (Which one)

If you are using a conditioner - have you tried removing it?

Does your power cables have copper connectors/pins

I have recently found Eichman Silver Bullet rca's on my solid silver interconnects improved spatial image and dynamics. However the interconnects are a very simple design with two solid core conductors making it easy to connect the Eichmans.
If I read your post correctly your discontent began after inserting the Sky IC - I am personally not a fan of silver, have used silver that was too bright, lean, and another instant where it was too dull and lifeless.

Not a fan...have never heard the AQ Sky but have read good things. Some Aphiles swear by silver.
Audioquest Sky--find it fits best between pre and power--but something seems a bit too "airy"
This was EXACTLY my experience with AQ Sky too ... had 2 XLR pairs in my system. The sound was unnatural and everything sounded similar.

You are mixing and matching with many different brands of cables so sometimes it's difficult finding the RIGHT combination.
08-07-13: Audiolabyrinth
Mixing and tring to match never works, with cables!
Sure it does, Keith. Most people would say it works best with different cables . It is just sometimes difficult to find the best match . It usually works better than having cables of the same loom or same line .
@ Grey9hound, I am glad that may work for you, It does not work in my exsperience, never has, I have never had issues with sound with a loom, cheers.
Remember my thread
I had Cardas Golden Cross IC from cd player to source and from source to amp with Golden Cross Speaker Cables.
The sound was off. Too smooth sounding . Not at all Dynamic. That is why that thread was started.:)
Bluesnbike1954 -

The Quatro speakers are a sonic match for AudioQuest speaker cables. Audience AU24 /AU24e are a sonic match for CJ gear.

You will have to experiment to find that 'magic' w/in your specific system. BTW, which components (pre, power, cd player)
are you using?

Keep me posted.
I am finding that the Niagras simply sound more soulful--warmer--yes, I sacrifice some detail---but the overall sound is far more pleasing when spread across the entire spectrum of music l listen to---May try the the Audioquest Skys with the video--or possibly the connect with the Turntable---and CJ Pre-turntable is older Oracle Oracle--thanks ---
I use the Sky as well for my centre and back Chanels. The Oak will give you also a much more dynamic sound compared to the comet you use. I use a Acapella full silver xlr to my Pass Labs poweramp. This one is more musical and has more drive compared to the Sky. Nordost Valhalla powercable for cd will give you more openness as well. The Sky has more speed. Often people think there is less low freq. wenn there is more speed and control. Normally a Sky should give more dynamics than the Niagra.
ICs=Darwin Silver or Ascension. NOT at all bright, edgy or tilted upwards. Incredibly revealing from top to bottom with great weight, detail and tone in the bottom end and a very coherent presentation. Wonderful mids and open, articulate highs with a wide soundstage. Not all silver ICs are made the same.

PCs=Cullen Cable. Just found this one and love it. As good, if not better than the Zu Mission PCs I have for a fraction of the price. There's no need to break the bank to get great sound.

All the best,