Interconnects for tube equipment?

I've been doing a lot of reading on IC's on the threads here and elsewhere as of late. I can't seem to find a lot of info on IC's for TUBE equipment. I'm sure some IC's work better with tube gear while others work better with Solid State.
Can anyone suggest a good IC for TUBES, let's say under $300.
I will soon be the owner of a Rogue Tempest:) (Not magnum...yet)
CD player is a Jolida 601A, tube(no jokes please,haha)
Speakers are Tannoy S-10's.
Speaker cables are Wireworld Polaris III's.
No IC's but cheap free be's right now.

Thanks to everyone in advance:)
Pap, it all depends upon yr musical tastes (system synergy will come with trial of different brands). IMO, you should turn to used cables. A fast, silver cable would be my choice for tubes: the idea is, I have euphonic sound (tubes) but I need to extract absolute clarity in the bass & the upper register, & not lose one iota of speed.
In my tube days, I have used bearlabs, Nordost (SPM & Valhalla), Siltech & others to good effect.
Finally, do give some thought to the power chord; tubes can benefit from these... Enjoy!
Synergistic research makes an interconnect that would fit your system to a tee the Looking Glass Phase 1. Excellent on tube equipment.
I would definitely suggest Tice interconnects. It's two straight 14 ga solid copper cores for the (+) and one for the (-). This design gives very strong bass and clean, articulate highs. For the price George is selling them (1.5m pair @ $137.50) you can't go wrong. Someone who's very knowledgeable on cables told me the Tice gives 90% of what the Cardas Cross delivers...
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Try talking to Martin DeWulf at he has some new ones that are awesome.

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Nirvana cables for Jolida -> Rogue Tempest???????????
Do these cables make sence at all?
In your case, Papageorgio you can even stay under $200 and won't get wrong since for pair of Nirvana cables you can probably get used EMC1 instead of Jolida. Tube equipment loves newtral cables and interconnects so be there as close as possible.
I use for my VTL amps/Totem Forest speakers a short runs of VanDenHul CV125 speaker WIRE(funny but literally smokes a bunch of high-end-ish designs such as Kimber 8tc, Monster M2.4 and Alpha Core brands for tube equipment). For 4' runs I've paid arround $75!
Wow, I didn't think I'd get the response I have so far! Just looking into all the suggestions since yesterday. The Synergistic research Looking Glass Phase II looks interesting. Their website states it's made specifically for TUBE gear. The Nirvana and FMS series may be out of my league. Tice looks good as well. Mike, I emailed Martin as suggested, hopefully he can help. Gregm says silver, I've done some reading on silver ic's and some like it and others say it's bright. Of course this depends on a lot of factors since everyone has different gear. big of a role does SILVER IC's make with TUBE gear?

Thanks again for everyone's input and expertise. It is appreciated.
Georgio, I wouldn't say go 100% Tice, but I *do* have a Melos tube preamp and the run from DAC to pre has improved smoothness sooo much!!! Once I go for a sub I would like to try a more dynamic design from x-over to satellite amp(my speakers have ribbon tweeters) , while using a Tice for the sub amp. However, improving upon the Tice is going to take a *lot* more money than the $137.50 ($124 for a 1 m set) I paid...
1. pr of discontinued AudioNote (Kondo) Vz series IC's (@$350 used)

2. NBS King Serpent II.5 (red jacket) IC's (@$350 used, be careful of knockoffs)

Heard someone with a good SE system really liked the Bear labs stuff too.