Interconnects for the nuforce amp

Any suggestions? I bought a very fine $200-plus interconnect, but it seemed to slow down the sound and wouldn't play the deepest bass(it also took away a bit of excitement. This has made me gun-shy. I was thinking of the fifty-dollar ccc vampire, just to hear ccc. Others that interest me are audiogeek nitrogen, vh audio pulsars, and I forgot the other. I use(currently) Fulton gold speaker cable and was able to get some Fulton brown interconnects to work(they short out at times-I don't think that is good). I listen only to analog
I'm using the SignalCable Silver Resolution interconnects with great success. They are astoundingly good on the NuForce Reference 8 and 8B amps. And the Silver Resolution Speaker Cables are a great match as well, and provide amazing speed, detail, and range. If you're using decent power cords you'll be amazed at what this setup will do...
Thanks Plato. I looked them up. Great introductory price. I may not be able to get both interconnect and speaker cable(I hope that intro price holds) right now. But I do believe in synergy, meaning both(interconnects and speaker cable) designed to go with each other. That's the only thing I have to think about.
I replaced the Fulton browns with MIT original MI-330 interconnects for electrical purposes(a resistor went out my amp-repaired promptly with the updates by Nuforce.) It slowed the sound and my 200-plus interconnects trounced the MIT(this would be expected, as the MITs are 20-something years old). I've e-mailed Signal Cable, but these 200-plus interconnects are really something(the harmonics!).
Plato, I just ordered a 57-inch interconnect and 8 feet of the speaker cable (both silver resolutions) from Signal Cable. Thank you. I just want to be sure that the tinned wire of the speaker cables will fit on Nuforce's Cardas binding posts. I have one other interconnect in my system, between my turntable's rca juntion box and Fidelity Research(it might have silver windings) cartridge transformer. I just purchased an Eichmann I express 6 interconnects, and this or the Oritek X-1 interconnect will go there for now(all my Fulton browns have conductivity problems- by the way, I pulled off one end of one of the Fulton's, and it does not have a copper color. It has a silver color.) What do you think?
I just put in the signal cable silver resolution interconnects. They replaced Eichmann 6(mkI) interconnects that weren't broken in yet. Right at first, I thought they were an improvement. It's only been 15 minutes. They sound a little harsh. Does that go away, or am I a copper guy? I only mention this because other people have said that they are great from the get-go. It's all about brain waves-not what you hear.
I want to apologize for my comments after 15 minutes of the Signal Cable silver resolution interconnects. It's like the guy feeling that elephants nose(or whatever they call it). It was way too soon. With some judicious adjusting of the volume, it was clear that the wholistic sound was better than what I had before. This is without even using the Signal Cable silver resolution speaker cable-which I won't use until at least 50 or 100 hours, as recommended.
I have the Silver Res. ICs. They sound very natural. I'm sure after the 50 hours burn in, you'll really like them. Let us know how the speaker cables work out.
They keep getting better. I haven't put in the speaker cables yet(I'm using Fulton Golds while I burn in the silver resolutions). I will post soon on the silver resolution speaker cables(8-feet, per Mapleshade recommendations). By the way, my interconnects are 57-inches, per Robert Fultons recommendations.
I just put in one set of silver resolution speaker cables to the side that has the new board or the Nuforce 8b. It does sound better, but I wonder about the bass. The Fulton Golds definintely play the bass. Do we need more break-in time. I'm wondering if 12-gauge will play the bass as well as we know that the Fultons will.
I just want to thank Plato for the Signal Cable silver resolution cables recommended for the Nuforce 8 amplifier. They are not completely broken-in yet. Immediately, they were much more transparent. They have much more detail than what I was using. Can I pay a compliment to the Oritek X-1 that I am using between my RCA box and transformer? I believe that at least 80% of the people out there would be suprised with the Oritek. They especially excell at harmonics.
While still using the Signal Cable Silver Resolution wire, I've since added Oritek X-2 interconnects(while still using the Signal Cable Silver{I also own the Oritek X-1's-you would think I would, at least try the X-1's in this system.). Let me just say, the Oritek X-2's are absolutely unbelievable. I liken them to Koetsu cartridges, in that they capture something about music that most components(yes, wire is a component) don't seem to get right.