Interconnects for SACD multi-channel

I'd like to ask the group here to advise which interconnect cables you're using (set of 6) for your multi-channel SACD player output to your AVR input. Which brand and model, length and if you're completely satsified with their performance. Many thanks.
I am using Cardas Golden Reference from my Denon to my Statement D2v. With the exception of the Subwoofer feed which is XLO and I forget which model... VDO?
AudioQuest Columbia,Coral and King Cobra's .5 meter and 1 meter lengths, I always had a thing for there full, big and finenessfull sound, they run the Oppo 95 to an Anthem avm 20.v2.
I think you'd get more meaningful reccomendations if you list your equipment. But remember, what other folks think is the cat's PJs, might not be to your liking at all. Just a thought.
Thanks all. I am thinking of one of the AQ analog interconnects. I'd love to go with the King Cobras but really can't justify the cost for 6 lengths. I'm looking at the new Big Sur ICs from AQ. More affordable. My electronics are a Rotel RSX-1057 AVR, RMB-1075 MC amp and an NAD T-535 SACD player. Cardas is another excellent choice. Thanks again.
Jdub39: Just to clarify, which outputs are you using with the Columbia, Coral and King Cobras and which ones are the the .5 meter lengths and 1 meter lengths?
I have a set of 1mtr balanced Columbia's from the Oppo to the Anthems 2/ch in's , For the multi/outs on the Oppo fl/fr (1mtr) Columbia>> center (.5 mtr)King Kobra >>Sub (.5mtr) King Kobra>> Surrounds (1mtr)Coral. I was thinking of trying a set of the Big Surs, they may be a good way to kick things off.The great thing about AQ's cables they are distinctly close but separate from one another in terms of performance. A used set of Diamondbacks are killer if you cant go King Kobra (sweet spot) And by all means if you need to mix and match go for it as it wont hurt a thing!
Pdn, I use Audioquest Niagara for the front-L/R channels, AQ Panther for center, and AQ Copperhead for Surrounds, all half-meter lengths...from an Oppo '95 to a c-j MET1 tubed preamp. They all sound quite good and I have NO plans to replace them.

Big Sur probably is a good low-price choice, and you could use lower-price Golden Gate on Center and SW and Evergreen on Surround channels. Nothing that AQ sells sounds bad, so don't be hesitant to use lower-price stuff on less-critical channels.

Understand that the Evergreen-thru-Angel series of cable is a single stereo cable between the separated ends. The RCAs that the latter plug into may be up to 3-3/4" apart, center-to-center.
Thanks gents. I wasn't even thinking about a mix of AQ models. Didn't even dawn on me until Jdub39 mentioned about it. THANKS. I actually have a pair of used Diamondbacks I purchased here and they're fabulous. Was using them for another source but I'll use them for the two mains and probably go with Big Surs for the other channels. I do love the solid conductor concept.

You're right in that you can't go wrong with any AQ cables. Could you explain in more laymen's terms the difference between the two conductor Evergreens thru Angel series vs the 3 conductor Diamondbacks and higher? What do you gain with three conductors still connected to RCA two pole conncectors? THANKS.