Interconnects for Rotel Amp. + CD

I'm looking for interconnect cables for Rotel Amp + CD
On the low end audioquest king cobras. Good cable for the money. Going a step up I like the fusion audio interlocker II's. Also a pretty good step up in money too. Those 2 cables I have a lot of experience with.
I have the rcd-1072 cdp to rsp-1069 preamp to rmb 1075 amp.For the last few months I have tried Nordost Red Dawns and Blue Heavens.I tried Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase II's.Also monster cable Ic's.None of the above did it for me.Then I tried MIT Shotgun S3's and I was not happy with them either...until I let them fully burn in and all I can say is WOW.I never knew my Rotel gear and B&W speakers could sound so good.The sound stage is amazing.Everything is just so smooth and fluid without any loss off detail and amazing punch.I know there are better IC's out there but for me the MIT IC's did it for me and I now have them running through out my system.Your likes may differ and of course it is all system dependent.Hope this helps.
You don't say what your system means to you and what your future intentions are, so I am going to throw this out at you. If I'm completely off the mark or out of line, I apologize.

I had an experience where a tube in my preamp went out and took one of my monoblocks along with it. Not being familiar with tube equipment, I switched the right and left interconnect and took out the other monoblock.

I had to send the preamp and monoblocks in for servicing. During those following few weeks I pulled my old B&K preamp and amp out of the closet and put them in my system.

I hooked them up with the Stealth Indra interconnects that I was using and couldn't believe how good my system sounded!

My point is this, given the state of the economy right now and the deals available on Audiogon. If you intend to upgrade your system in the future, now might be the perfect time to buy the highest quality interconnects that you can comfortably afford.

This will not only make your system sound much better now, but they will support your system as it grows in the future. I personally found out that with the very expensive Stealth Indras, they brought my B&K components and system to a level where, had I not known how much better the high-end preamp and monoblocks were, I could have easily lived with the B&K system.

One on-going topic of differences of opinions here on Audiogon is cabling and other tweaks. I hate to see that, because of my own personal experiences.

I honestly believe that the components these days are a lot better than most suspect. The manufacturers are trying to hit certain price points in the markerplace, and can't afford to stick a good pair of interconnects, power cord and footers in the whole package and maintain the lower price.

But when you read about upgrades, where do they usually start? Beefing up the power supply is normally the first thing that you see. Where the electronics themselves are good, their full potential isn't being realized due in part to smaller power supplies and power cord, smaller and more restrictive interconnects and even non-vibration dealing footers.

Give components a chance and I believe that we'll all see that they're quite a bit better than we thought they were when we first pulled them out of the box, set them on a shelf and plugged them in.

anti-cables....don't waste your dough on big money cables.
PNF Audio makes the best cable for the dollar I've ever found. If you don't want to shell out the money for the ICON ic's, try the Precision A. It will give you about 90% of the ICON's performance for about half the price. And yes, they really do trounce anything else around that sells for up to 10X the price! PNF is the greatest "giant killer" IMHO, I've ever used in almost 40 years of messing with this stuff. I have the "audiophile disease" and change componenets in my system all the time, but PNF has been a constant for the past 3 or 4 years. If you spend more, you're throwing your money away!