Interconnects for NAD Electronics

hello. i have recently purchased a NAD c725 bee receiver and a
545 bee cd player. any suggestions for most appropriate interconnects
for these components? also i may purchase the PSB t towers. any recommendations for speaker cables?
thanks, silentmonk
I highly recommend Joe Mazzaglia's Auricle interconnects. They are inexpensive and very good indeed.
I use NAD amplification with which I use all Audioquest interconnects and speaker cables with great results. King Cobra and Diamondback interconnects. Bedrock (bi-wire) and also Type 6 speaker cables.
I'm using Chord Chameleon interconnect with that cd player and the NAD 326BEE. Seems to work nicely.....speaker wire is Tributary.
Signal Cable copper interconnects and speaker cable. Silver will be bright with these electronics.
I would not say Silver will be bright - rather Silver will reveal any deficiencies in the system. Will also depend upon what speakers are being used in the system.