Interconnects for NAD C165bee & C275bee

I'm looking for a quality Interconnects for NAD Preamp and
Power Amp. I was thinking to try Kimber KS 1011. I would
appreciate any opinions. Thanks
I think Kimber Hero would be more than sufficient for that system. Save your $
I am happy with Audioquest Diamondbacks in my NAD system with no plans of trying to improve upon the Diamondbacks.
Hello. I used to own that same NAD pre/power gear. It's brilliant and although I've moved on to gear selling for 3 times the price, the NAD gear is competitive with my system. When I was using the NAD equipment I used Chord Company Crimson for interconnects between and the pre and power and also for connecting my CDP to the preamp. The Crimson is Chords cheapest interconnect, but it has amazing synergy with the NAD gear. You will likely be amazed. The best and cheapest way to buy Chord Company cables is via the UK ebay site. Just google ebay UK. Many sellers will ship to the USA for just a few bucks. I have tried more expensive cables in the Chord line as well, but I love these Crimson cables.

The Chord Company is the UKs biggest hifi cable manufacturer and is very popular in the UK where people know hifi.
Good luck.
In correction I have the Audioquest King Cobras in my NAD system with no plans of trying to upgrade.

I had the Diamondbacks before the King Cobras, which are also great cables with somewhat less bass definition than the King Cobras.

The Diamondbacks presented a warmer/fuller soundstage. King Cobras are more analytical.

Of course this is my opinion based on observations in my room with my particular equipment.
THANKS TO ALL. I will try with Audioquest and Chord. My dealer
carry both. JAXWIRED-beautiful system. I just can imagine
how it sounds.
Take all those expensive cables and compare them to the cheapest radio shack interconnects u can find. If u hear a noticeable sound difference then u might want to spend the extra money. If not, then u have saved a boatload of money. I used to own expensive interconnects but now I use the cheapies because they sound as good or better and they are much more flexible so they last longer too. If u must upgrade get the gold plated cheapies, they cost a couple of bucks more. I hope this helps. Im only trying to save u a lot of frustration. Shay
JAXWIRED, You was absolutely right about CHORD CRIMSON.
Very nice bass and smooth highs. Great synergy with NAD
Electronics. THANKS A LOT. I ordered three pairs.