interconnects for Jeff Rowland Capri and 201s

I am just waiting for both these products to be delivered to me next week. I am looking for interconnect suggestions. On my Mac C2300 and MC 2102 I have Purist audio design venustus. I would like to find something that will be more neutral without colouring the sound too much. Oh, and the speakers for this system will be JBL CF 150s.
I used Cardas Golden Reference with all my Rowland equipment for years, including the Capri. Very happy with it.
There's really no other way to say this, but, I think you should look at upgrading to a different pair of speakers. A cable upgrade, given what you currently own, would be foolish. Its not that I think the Purist are that good, its just that I don't think you will be able to hear the difference. Do cables last. Even though Purist would not be my first choice (I did demo the Venustus in my own system so I am familiar as to how they sound.), right now, in your system, they're overkill.
LOL, I realize what my speakers are. As for the PAD cables they are staying in my Mcintosh system. As it sits, I have no cables for the Rowland system so I need to start with something. I may have a set of anti cables for now but I would like to have something a bit more dedicated. Thanks Phous for the response on the Cardas.

Sorry if I didn't get your post correctly. My intention was not to offend at all. I've had some Rowland gear in the past. Audioquest worked very well. Not only that, they work very well with just about anything. Phous recommends Cardas. Great recommendation, as well. I would also look at Kimber Select, Siltec and Audience.
Zd542 no offence. Considering my other speakers are sonus faber Cremona m I completely understand what my jbls are in comparison. Truth be told, the jbl's are my first speakers I ever owned. Also, I am getting married next year and this is the system that will be rocking out the reception as well as in my sitting room. Thanks for advice on other cables ;)