Interconnects for cd player

I'm looking for something smooth but also has great inner detail. I have tried Audience, Audioquest, Purist, Acoustic Zen and Mapleshade. My favorite so far is the Purist Audio.
If your looking to tame a potential glare issue are you sure its not your preamp? Been there many X with the use of cables as bandaids. If the preamp isn't right no amount of tweaking will hold your interest over the long haul
So why not stick with Purist? In my expereince, it does the best job of presenting MUSIC while minimizing hi fi-ish intrusions.
You might want to give Siltech a try.
KCI Silkworm or Jade Audio Hybrid. Both gold based cables and neither are cheap, but both are quite exceptional IME.
Like Pdreher, I should have also highly praised the KCI Silkworm. Its Plus version is my interconnect of choice. The Purist Proteus Provectus has been my preferred tonearm cable. Both cables, in tandem, provide a wonderfully natural and musical sound.
Some would say Echole cables and forget the rest.
I never tried them.
Silnote Audio Posideon Signature or Morpheous Reference 2
I use 6 RCA's LAT International on my Modified Marantz DV-9600 and the sound is great.