Interconnects for CAL-10

I'm solicting suggetions for an interconnect to use with a CAL-10 CD player I just purchased here on Audiogon. It is not broken in yet with only about 20 hours on it but I'm noticing that some of the sound especially the mid range and higher bass seems rolled off compared to my old SONY CDP-500. I'd love to know if anyone has experienced the same and what interconnects will open up the sound. Thanks very much. Len
What is your system comprised of?
My system is a Rogue 99 pre, 88 amp, Meadowlark Shearwater speakers(hot rod version), VPI Jr and the Cal 10. Thanks for asking.
One of my friends who is in the high end industry uses a cl-10, Jadis Orchestra reference and Kimber 1020. He really knows his stuff too.
My current interconnect is an AudioQuest Silver which seemed to work great with my SONY CD player but doesn't seem to synergize as well with the CAL 10.
You might check out AQ's new line. I've got the Python and really like it. Very nice balance and lots of extension. Extremely clear.