Interconnects for Bryston BCD-1 & B60R combo

I'm looking for an interconnect to go between the Bryston BCD-1 CD player & the Bryston B60R Integrated amp. I'm not happy with the RCA pair of Harmonic Tech Magic Link II I'm now using. While some discs sound nice, most sound too detailed and hard sounding for my tastes. I'm looking for a minor softening up of the mids & highs while retaining the detail. Can the BCD-1 be tamed? I'm not looking to replace the power cord just yet. Thanks for your help!
First I own Bryston BP-26, 4B-SST2..
THe clarity is great, the slight lack of midrange warmth can be a problem.The longer breakin, the better they get, I have left my stuff on and playing 24/7 for six weeks and it is getting better..
I would try a Cardas Golden Cross.
OR: do you use a power conditioner? I use several, each for special reasons. you might find a very mild conditioner would clean up that top end. Adcom ACe 515 used is like a hundred bucks.
Cords can do it too. Pangea (only sold byAudio Advisor) are on sale and really good for the price. Get a 9 for the Integrated? the Pangea 14SE is not yet available (end of April), but i would wait for that type if you got a 14 Pangea for the CD.
Do you leave the CD on all the time? do leave it on all the time.
Best copper ICs I've ever heard were Kimber KS 1011. In my system I preferred them over Harmonic Tech Magic Link II (my experience with their sound mirrors yours) and Cardas Golden Cross (too far down the other end of the spectrum - way too tame, again on my system). You may wish to try something more neutral with better overall balance - the KS 1011 provided this for me. Clarity without hyped high freqs., without grain, and wonderfully neutral tone. (Disclaimer - I am selling a pair at the moment.)
I own a BCD-1 and have found that balanced interconnects (XLR) sound much better than single-ended ones, especially in regards to smoothness in the midrange and high frequencies. I use MIT cables throughout and couldn't be happier. I don't know if your integrated amp has balanced inputs, though.
Correction: Best ICs I've heard in my system are Kimber KS 1011. Not just best copper ICs, though they are all copper.
Thanks everyone for your responses. It looks like some experimenting will be done. Rockadanny, all copper cables may be the answer. Silver may be causing the hyper-detail that I hear and am not very fond of. As I type I'm listening to a pair of Balanced Harmonic Tech Magic Link I cables. They are definitely different than the II's. They're more mellow, perhaps too mellow. Not as accurate & precise as with the II's but definitely softer. More listening needed. Also, I have one more pair of IC's I want to try: Straight Wire Virtuoso.

Again, thank you and don't forget to add something if you think of it. I want to keep the BCD-1 as I believe the right cable(s) for it exists.
TARA cables have always smoothed things out for me - sometimes too much
Why not Bryston XLRS or RCAs.
I went to Bryston's site (in fact earlier today) and took notice to their brand of IC's. I couldn't find any detailed info. on them so I put that idea aside. About an hour ago I spoke to Joe at Audio Advisor and decided to purchase a pair of Kimber Select KS-1011. Based on Rockadanny's post on this thread and reading about Copper vs. Silver/Copper IC's I decided to go with the KS-1011 for now. Nothing is perfect but all three of the IC's I used with the Bryston combo just didn't work for me. Thanks for your input.
No prob Kevin,just for some reading,Vandamme is the company that makes the cables for Bryston.I believe PMC uses their cables also.
I tried the Vandamme speaker cables between my Bryston 2B and PMC TB2+ monitors. I was very disappointed with the resolution and transparency. Maybe I didn't give them enough time to open up, but I sold them within a month.
I finally ended up Grover Huffman cables (speaker, i/c and PC). The overall balance is the perfect match with Bryston/PMC. Bass has slam and is deep; mids are spot on; highs are crisp but not overly so. I'm very happy with Grover's line and recommend anyone with a Bryston or PMC setup to try them.