Interconnects for a Rega Apollo CD and amp/pre-amp

I have a Rega Apollo CD player which I like very much, but my IC's are old and need to be retired. I mainly used an Audio Magic Spellcaster II with the Rega. The Spellcaster is very good, but is 17 years old.

In the last month, I have used a Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling (an antique of 20 years age) with the Apollo. THe Spellcaster is now between the my temporary pre-amp and a pair of Red Dragon digital M-500 monoblocks. The speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios and AZ's Hologram II speaker cables.

I have been recommneded Rega's The Chord IC for the Apollo, and also Chord Company's Chameleon Plus($225) or their Cadenza ($395) But would like other recommedations by Apollo owners, and also non-owners.

As for the pre-amp/amp IC, I am open to all recommedation up to $500 at retail. My new pre-amp will probably be a tube unit hitched to the Red Dragon digital mono blocks. Thank you
I had the Chord product for my Apollo and then tried several others including Aud. Technica. Of all the ones I tried, I thought the LAT International were by far the best. Clearer and far more detailed.
I'm using DNM HFTN (High Frequency Termination Network) IC between my dac and int-amp. The HFTN takes care of all the nasty RFI floating around. The closest to having no cable at all. Check them out you'll be glad you did.