Interconnects for 3D CD

I have recently acquired a MF 3D CD which I am using with a Bryston25/4BSST. I have replaced the power cord (with a DBA) which made the sound really improve (more detail -especially in the mid bass, and a sweeter fuller sound) I would now like to try different interconnects (I am using QED's) Has anyone found a combination that they would recommend?
If you want to take advantage of the work of one of the great designer/manufacturers in our hobby, contact His interconnects are too cheap to inspire your confidence, at $120 per pair. But, when you hook them into your system, the three-dimensional, fully detailed, full range sound surely impresses. The background is as quiet as I've ever heard. Since there is a policy of letting the customer return it if its not really what you want, no risk in trying. Obviously, I am a fan, who did not return this best buy interconnect.
I'm running Cardas Golden Reference ICs from my Nu-Vista and they sound fabulous. A full, robust and detailed sound without being overly warm. Expensive? Yes. But, based on my auditions of IC too numerous to mention, well worth the price.