Interconnects between Rogue Audio Perseus Preamp. and Odyssey Khartago Amplifier

Hi to all.
Looking for the quality and transparent interconnects for the R. A. Perseus Preamp. and Odyssey Khartago Amp.
I tried with the Audioquest, while the bass was good but no so the highs. Kind of veiled and less details.
On the other hand Signal Cable Interconnects had a nice highs but the bottom was kind of confused, no punch.
My speakers are Focal 836W.
Thank you in advance on your opinions.
What is your budget?
Re; the Signal Cables, it sounds like you are describing the Analog Two IC's. Did you try their Silver Resolution?

I'm impressed with the new Grover Huffman Empress IC. It's a ribbon cable, $400/1m, and a money-back trial period.
Transparent, very natural presentation, with smooth highs.

The Cardas Clear and Clear Light were very good when used in my modest system with my Perseus.
Call Klaus at Odyssey and ask about a pair of Groneberg Quattro Reference IC's.  Your amp is wired with it and you will get great synergy this way.  I use them exclusively in both my systems.
Two cables which are inexpensive but as good as anything I have ever heard (a lot) areBeldin 1842 and Western Electric cable from the 1950's. I am now using these cables in a very expensive system and couldn.t be happier
Rogue Audio's owner recommended Darwin ICs to a reviewer which led me to buy three sets and I couldn't be happier. After the first two sets I moved up to his higher end line for my SACD player and there was a noticeable improvement. His basic line is no slouch either. I don't know if he's found better but chances are it'd be a sideways move, depending on your other gear.

All the best,
Purist cable sound wonderful plus its a great co.
Purist Audio sounds terrific with Rogue. If you have the budget for it.
Hi. I agree with Stereo5. I have the Quattros' between my Odyssey Candela pre and Stratos amp and those have the best synergy between the two components. I had test driven several other ICs but the system sounds best with the Quattros'. Klaus will be very helpful should you contact him. Thanks, Dave