Interconnects between DAC and Pre

I have a Theta GenVa and am presently using VanDenHul the First interconnects. The Firsts tend to add some color to the sound but I don't want to lose the resolution, speed et al. The digital connection between Theta transport and DAC is Illuminations D60. Any suggestions?
My favorite brand is always Cardas. Depending on your system and budget, Golden Cross, Golden Reference, Neutral Referance or Cross could all work.
Whatever you end up getting, "The First" makes a very good digital cable, so try them against your current digital cable before getting rid of them.
First,and even more important;Have you had yours upgraded to 24/96? 300 bucks and the most 300 will ever buy,unless you have a Smith & Wesson in your hand.I use Syn.Reach. for mine.+their dig.cables as well.
I'd look at, at Stealth interconnects and Varidig digital cables. My favorite Stealth interconnect, and I've tried four or five models, is cross-wrapped ribbon, CWR, with the sparkle of silver, and if there's any coloration, I don't hear it. If you're considering Cardas, you might want to compare cross-wrapped copper, CWC, a very similar construction (except no failure to minimize skin effect by using "Golden Ratio" gauges, some of them just plain too big).
Nirvana is now selling a higher-res version of the terrific S-L interconnect for the source to pre connection. I also highly recommend a half meter of KCAG as a more affordable alternative when speed and detail are called for. Whatever you do, keep this critical cable as short as possible for best results. Good luck.
The new line from AudioQuest is truly outstanding -- you can tell they've done their homework. Check out the Python at $500 (retail) or, if you want a step up, the Anaconda. I just got a pair for my pre-to-amp and the sound is simply amazing. Like no cable is there at all.